Members are the core of our community. They collaborate with the leadership to maintain the lab so it can be used and their consensus can direct our growth. We are striving to be entirely member-supported and information on joining is available on our website.

Active Members

jen's headshot against a backdrop consisting of two red vertical brushsrokes to either side of a grey surface

Jen Liu is a New York-based visual artist working in video, painting, choreographic performance, and biomaterial, on diasporic Asian identities, postcolonial economies, speculative feminism, and the re-motivating of archival artifacts.

Danny Chan

Danny believes that research taking place in hackerspaces directly engages and educates science enthusiasts from diverse social backgrounds in conversations about the advancement of scientific knowledge and the advances' impact on society.

Ellen Jorgenson

Dr. Jorgensen is passionate about increasing science literacy in both student and adult populations, particularly in the areas of molecular and synthetic biology.

Past Contributors

Megan Wallner

Megan's passion lies in providing students with a variety of authentic science experiences, from current biotechnology practices to fieldwork in local communities. These experiences trigger for students the moment when they realize that science could be their future.

headshot of sumeyye on a leafy background

Sumeyye Yar is a molecular biologist and science educator dedicated to interdisciplinary integration. In all her efforts, Sumeyye remains committed to ensuring that scientific knowledge is accessible and relatable to all.

We are looking for others to join our cause

To be a self-sustaining community, we need all those who can contribute to our mission to participate in collective decision making. It's not always easy but we value diverse thoughts about our direction and invite everyone to participate in this ongoing discussion. Request to join us on Loomio and join the community.

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