Danny Chan


Danny Chan received his MSc in microbiology during the course of his PhD candidacy at the University of Chicago studying the interaction of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) with lab-grown skin in an a department focused on infectious disease. However, he was haunted by the lack of explicit intellectual work to contextualize the curiosity-based approach to research he loves with the perpetuation of global inequity by leading research institutions. He has been a Research Technician for many years in multiple fields including cellulostic ethanol production, protein crystallography, prefrontal cortex development, and heat shock proteins. Later, he worked as a Medical Editor fact-checking and editing for pharmaceutical advertisers. He seeks to apply his skills and knowledge of science and industry with compassionate sensibilities in order to foster new institutions that empower folks with the tools of biotech so we can meet the challenges of our damaged world. Currently, he freelances, organizes with various autonomous collectives, teaches, and pursues independent research centered around protocol development for the DIY science community.

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