We're moving to Queens

New biotech businesses are moving into Long Island City and we believe there is both an opportunity and responsibility for a community lab to ensure the neighbourhood residents understand the work that is being done in those companies through hands-on events related to biotechnology, and public forums discussing the social impact of biotechnology.

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Our lab is more than just a teaching space and a place to run a gel. It's a community of individuals following their passion for science. Biotech Without Borders aims to make the practice of biotech accessible to everyone. Some just want a brief experience, but others may want to develop a project or conduct an exploration of their own.

You might not have a use for a lab and just want to support our mission in this case consider supporting us on Open Collective.

  • We want to promote safe access to laboratory space. If you have any questions please do not hesitiate to contact us. Below are the minimum requirements to start a project in the lab:

    • ≥18 years old
    • Willing to comply with DIYbio Code of Ethics and our Codes of Conduct
    • For the BSL2 facility: previous experience working in biosafety cabinets
    • Project assessed for safety concerns by our Scientific Advisory Board

    No project? No problem. Come to a class/event for inspiration or chat with another member. Sometimes it takes having the tools at your fingertips before you can really start to articulate an idea

  • We want your project to succeed. If our facilities don't have what you need to complete your task, please reach out. It's possible other members are also interested in adding to our capabilities

    • Guaranteed lab hours to be booked in advance and maximum determined by total membership
    • Access to the lab equipment
    • Reduced cost consumables and reagents
    • Access to shared decision making space for members on Loomio
    • Basic membership is 100/month
    • Access to BSL2 space is an additional $100/month

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