YouTube Microbiolgy Journal Club

In 2020, when the pandemic forced much of the world to shelter in their homes, BwoB member and incoming President, Danny Chan, reconnected with a graduate school friend, Faz Alam. During their PhD's, they participated in a journal club on Twitter founded by fellow PhD candidate, Zoonotica, using the hashtag #microtwjc. Holed up in New York City and London, respectively, wondering what new information about SARS-CoV-2 was being published, they decided to start back up and explore the scientific literature together.

Still of #microtwjc depicting a graph
Still of a episode of #microtwjc showing a angry enzyme breaking DNA

Danny and Faz want to extend the opportunity to critically explore scientific journal articles to everyone. Every week they nerd out big about all things small on YouTube and invite others to join them in the chat (or asynchronously in the comments). Science is as much about the collection of data as it is about the interpretation and they believe that ongoing review of the published literature is an important part of the scientific enterprise.

The journal club runs every other week at 10:00 EDT/ 15:00 BST. Watch live or check out previous episodes.

References and journal articles are available on a shared Zotero library