Leading is as much about making decision as it is listening to the needs of the community. Our leadership is entirely volunteer, applying their efforts to a mission they believe in.

Meet the Board

Our board is committed to facilitating a space where anybody can safely access lab resources. They bring their varied experiences to the work of Biotech Without Borders and promise to listen to our community as we grow and evolve together.

Ellen Jorgenson

Dr. Jorgensen is passionate about increasing science literacy in both student and adult populations, particularly in the areas of molecular and synthetic biology.

Megan Wallner

Megan Wallner

M.A. Science Education

Megan's passion lies in providing students with a variety of authentic science experiences, from current biotechnology practices to fieldwork in local communities. These experiences trigger for students the moment when they realize that science could be their future.

Kumar Vadaparty

Dr. Vadaparty is convinced that the more educated the general public is about the fast-changing, nuanced world of science, the more democratic and robust our policy decisions will be, and the more far-reaching and beneficial the consequences will be. To this end, he strongly supports community laboratories of all kinds.

We are looking for others to join our cause

To be a self-sustaining community, we need all those who can contribute to our mission to participate in collective decision making. It's not always easy but we value diverse thoughts about our direction and invite everyone to participate in this ongoing discussion. Request to join us on Loomio and join the community.

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