Research Internships

Hands-on learning builds confidence at the lab bench that is critical for executing scientific research projects. It also fosters an understanding of scientific work that grounds us in a reality where our imaginative interpretations and applications can be tested within the physical world. If we take our understanding of biology and test its limits at the bench safely and responsibly, there is an incredible potential for innovation. The work is, at times, unglamorous and finicky, but the intuition that such work nurtures equips those who persist with skills to tackle complex problems with calm determination. We believe that the best training mobilizes labour for problems that matter.

To this end, Biotech Without Borders will be recruiting interns via the LifeSci NYC Internship Program. Paid opportunities for training will be open to undergraduate students enrolled at any CUNY university, thanks to funding allocated by CUNY's Advanced Science Research Center, as well as funds provided by the NYCEDC for the LifeSci NYC Internship Program.

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Frugal Protein Expression (Summer 2022)

Certain proteins are key reagents in the biotech industry and are used by our organisation to do research and teach workshops. Outside of wealthy countries, the distribution networks for biological research reagents is poor, however the efforts of concerned scientists in the community and academia are increasing the access to the tools for independent production in low-resource labs. The Frugal Protein Expression internship is supporting global research efforts in collaboration with the Open Bioeconomy and Friendzymes to develop and test low-cost methods for protein production. In addition to generating research data that may be used in scientific publication, interns will be producing protein reagents to be used at Biotech Without Borders.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Maintain an organised and tidy laboratory space
  • Document experimental/production work and resulting data clearly in a digital and physical lab notebook
  • Communicate progress at community meetings and with the project supervisor
  • Assist in the ordering/requesting of reagents required for work
  • Assist in the design of DNA constructs for protein expression in B. subtilis and E. coli
  • Assist in the design of assays to evaluate the quality and quantity of expressed protein and/or cellular reagents
  • Assist in the construction and maintenance of (open source) lab equipment necessary for protein production and/or quality assurance
  • Prepare appropriate media, buffers, and stock reagents for lab use
  • Perform PCR, molecular cloning, DNA electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE and other molecular biology methods to support and troubleshoot protein expression efforts

Students interested in applying may find more information on the program and how to apply on the NYC Life Sci website

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