Arjeta Markasevic

Summer 2019 Intern

What was your first experience in biotechnology?

My first experience In biotechnology was at Biotech Without Borders where I mentored a high school team through the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) where we tried to genetically engineer Escherichia coli to produce siRNAs targeting the Asian citrus psyllid to control Citrus Greening Disease affecting orange trees in Florida.

What do you want others to know about your current projects?

I am currently in my first year as a PhD student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where I am rotating In different labs before I declare my thesis lab. I have a general interest in microbiology and immunology, and I rotated in a lab working on Mycobacteria tuberculosis for my first rotation.

How does Biotech Without Borders help you with your goals?

Biotech Without Borders was where I was first introduced to biotech, and where I was exposed to the variety of ways that we can use biotech beyond the medical sense.

How do you imagine/see biotechnology improving the lives of people on this planet?

I imagine biotech in one way as a method to produce sustainable materials. I have algae used to produce biofuels, and an iGEM team back in 2019 using bacteria to produce spider silk.

Outside of biotech, what’s something you find fun?

Outside of biotech, I enjoy rock climbing!