What would you explore invent create if you had access to a professional biolab?

We rely on our community for survival

Biotech Without Borders is a 100% volunteer-run, member-led, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to democratizing biotechnology. We believe that biotechnology needs to be accessible and understandable to all if we are to face pressing challenges like the climate crisis and wealth inequality. While our members cover some costs of the lab through their membership fees and organizing paid workshops, we need wider community support to keep our doors open.

How do we democratize biotechnology?

The passion of our members and volunteers fuel various activities that sustain our community and advance our mission.
Free Events

We draw upon our networks to offer a variety of free events to connect the public to interesting topics in biotechnology. Past free events have included:

Paid Events

Our lab members and some of our wider community teach paid events to sustain the space, disseminate skills, and share revenue. Past paid events have included:

Low-cost lab access

Our members collectively maintain the lab so that it can be used for project work, events, and teaching. We keep the fee for being a member as low as possible because we believe that it's important to keep the lab accessible to as many people as possible. Becoming a member directly supports our efforts to keep the lab open.


Some of our members seek to share their knowledge of the tools of biotechnology. By organizing around projects for the common good we can push forward research projects that might be ignored by other institutions while providing an opportunity to mentor folks in the techniques required to work at the bench.

Want to support us financially and get interesting rewards?